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Simple SEO Tips for Growing Your Business in Charlotte, NC

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Improve Your Homepage in 5 Minutes

The words on a website are monumental to it’s success in serving the user. Words can make it or break it for a website. In fact, according to a lot of studies you only have 7-10 seconds to communicate to a user what you do and if you’re trustworthy before they leave. That’s not a lot of time so those words on the homepage banner are super duper important.

Why Now Is The Best Time to Pursue Your Dreams

In the past if someone wanted to start a clothing business they would have a variety of barriers to entry including: needing to either hand stich or build machinery to stich and sew, grow/find materials to make clothes, and travel to a local market to sell/barter. Today, in order to start a clothing company what you have to do is: come up with a catchy name and logo, build an online storefront, and upload your brand onto a clothing manufacturers white-labeled items (products that allow you to put your own label on), and the manufacturer will directly ship the clothing to the consumer.