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Social Media Management – Charlotte, NC & Beyond

We all know social media marketing is essential for business growth and success. We know that it can grow our reach, attract new customers, and increase our revenue, but we also know that it takes time. Time is something many people don’t have, especially if you own or manage a business. If you’re too busy running your business, hire us to handle all the social media management grunt work. Lazarus Design Team is here to make sure your social media conveys your unique business personality to the local community.

social media management charlotte

Phase 1: Discovery & Setup

We begin with background research and analyze the competition to set benchmarks for growth. We then create “customer personas” (most likely of someone you are trying to recruit) and create content plans and strategies around what they would most be interested in engaging with. We then set realistic goals to achieve each month, quarter, and year.

Phase 2: Launch & Create

We gather imagery and assets from all available sources and mediums and go about creating a monthly plan for social postings and stories. We most likely stick to a 3x a week schedule We also devise a plan for optimum posting times and generate a list of brand-appropriate hashtags to use for each post.
We send our monthly plan to you for review, edits, and approval. Once finalized, we schedule the content and monitor social performance. For “in-the-moment” posts like live events, we’ll create a WhatsApp team messaging channel so your team can easily contribute photos, videos, and live content.
social media management charlotte
social media management charlotte

Phase 3: Ongoing Engagement

We’ll continuously engage with your followers and other accounts in your industry by liking, following, saving, sending, and commenting. Our focus will be to maintain and grow your presence and brand. We’ll continue with social media content creation each month to keep your social media presence strong, credible, and fresh.

Social Media Marketing FAQs

When you choose to bring a digital marketing team to work alongside your company, you communicate that your business is worth the time and effort it takes to grow your presence on social media and online.

Typically, a business without a marketing agency or dedicated social media manager will hand the company’s social media management over to an office manager or a younger team member. Sometimes this can work, but more times than not, when that employee gets busy, the social media work will be one of the first things to stop because it isn’t their first responsibility.

Since consistency is one of the first rules of social media strategy, letting your social media content lapse here and there will not help your business grow. Choosing Lazarus Design Team for your social media management in Charlotte is the best way to ensure growth and success on your social media channels.

A: When you work with an agency, you get the power of an entire team for the price of an entry-level in-house social media manager. We can apply our skills and experiences as a unit for your company. Combining strategic media planning, copywriting, and visuals or graphic design, we work together to support your business and your goals. As your company grows and your goals evolve, our social media support plan will evolve with you. You can treat Lazarus Design Team as your remote in-house social media managers.

A: Our team will meet with you to develop a foundation for your social media plan to embody your business and goals. As we plan your content and schedule, we research your audience and competition to help you reach as many potential new clients as possible. Once your social media channels are up and running, our team continues to meet internally and with your company to develop new content ideas to keep your accounts fresh and exciting. We monitor growth monthly and will celebrate alongside you for every new like and follower.