Graphic Designer in Charlotte, NC

We understand that it can be challenging and expensive to hire a graphic designer in Charlotte that can do every little thing. Our graphic design services can handle your design needs just as though we were your in-house design team. We infuse our custom designs with authenticity, flavor, and expertise. From logos to flyers and business cards to infographics, the sky is truly the limit for our scope. If you can describe it, our team of talented graphic designers can make it happen.

“Design is the silent ambassador of your brand.” – Paul Rand

So, how does the graphic design process work?

First things first.

When you sign up for graphic design services with Lazarus Design Team, we begin with a kickoff meeting to get to know you and your business. Our team works internally to create the foundation for your design needs and share our work with you for your opinion, ideas, and feedback.

Once we have a clear vision and understanding of your needs and your company’s voice, we will design a fully fleshed-out mockup for your final feedback and review. After we get your final approval on the design, we’ll send you all the files you’ll need.


How long will it take?

You’re our priority.

Logo design takes two to four weeks, depending on the speed of the client’s feedback. We can get a logo done within a week if the client is responsive and decisive. However, it usually takes two to three weeks to approve the final design. If you have marketing collateral like brochures or PDFs, the timeline is about the same. We pride ourselves on being able to turn design materials around quickly.


How many revisions do I get?

We’ll do it in two!

There are two drafts, so you get two revisions. We want you to be super happy with the end product, so we’ll make sure to deliver what you need. At our kickoff meeting, we will establish the timeline and make sure we stick to the schedule. We do everything in our power to meet the deadlines and stick to our process.


Where can I learn more about the branding and graphic design process?

Sign up for a free consultation with Lazarus Design Team to talk about branding and graphic design opportunities for your business. You can also read our blog for more information on branding and design written by Lazarus team members.