2nd Month: Implement & Test

We operate in a 3 draft process.

We designed this process to ensure that you get the website you want while providing some room for creativity. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your new website so the three drafts serve as milestones to the project.

The first draft will be for providing the skeleton of the site. You’ll get the general look and feel for the site but it will still need some major dressing up before launch. This is the draft where we want you to be as picky as possible. We want you to give honest and direct feedback so we can determine if we’re moving in the correct direction early on in the project.

The second draft will have all the pages designed with all content you’ve provided us with. At this time, the website is looking really good and you will have clear idea of the site’s direction. The only thing left is minor changes (e.g. grammar changes, picture swap, contact info).

The third draft is the final step in the process. We’re going to making small changes across the entire website, testing links, and double checking errors.

Then comes the website launch! Learn more →