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What Our Marketing Clients Say

Lazarus Design Team did an amazing job improving our online visibility! Not only did they create a complete marketing strategy for our specific niche market, they also constantly come up with new ideas and stay on top of everything at all times. Thank you Lazarus for everything you do, we really love working with you!
Julia Kappler

How We Generated $2 Million+ of Pipeline Value in 4 Months

Find out how we were able to generate more leads and build a plump pipeline for Kappler.

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If your business generates over $1m, contact us so we can discuss your conversion goals and suggest strategies to ramp up your sales. (Others would charge for this.)

Ready to Grow?

What are your options?

Expanding out of an organization’s core strength can be difficult and hiring a team to cover all of the bases needed in a marketing department can represent an unrealistic financial investment.

1) Continue doing ZERO marketing.
2) Hire a team that delivers a high ROI. A team that does the work at a fraction of the cost it would normally be if you employed them internally (e.g. Marketing manager, designer, developer, marketing strategist, etc).

What’s it going to be?

Who we are, and why we can help

At Lazarus Design Team we know that marketing is both art and science. We also know that marketing and technology are almost indistinguishable from each other today.

Leveraging both tried-and-true and also cutting edge B2B Demand Generation strategies and tactics, we produce revenue growth for small to mid-sized companies.

Did your last marketing effort flop?

We will create a custom tailored strategy for your business and implement everything. Our team will be your in-house marketing team, ready to do what it takes to grow your business to new heights. 

Ready to Grow?
Let us build your state-of-the-art digital marketing engine!

Partner with us as we take over the heavy lifting of digital marketing to bring you new customers.

This means more time to focus on providing premium products to your customers!

We're focused on providing a Return on Investment that will be a no-brainer.

An investment in Digital Marketing should make you more money.

We believe in what we do, so instead of signing contracts, we just deliver results. Give us a try, you will not be disappointed!

Drive Qualified Leads

State-of-the-art digital marketing engine

We start by designing an amazing website that converts visitors into customers. Then we build out a digital marketing strategy that drives your audience to your high-converting website. What makes us stand out from typical digital marketing agencies and web designers is that we build your entire digital marketing funnel from beginning to end as your 'in-house marketing team.' Meaning, we are a tight-knit team that learns your business and focuses on your growth.

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It's All About Revenue Growth

Our Services

This is how we drive qualified leads to your business.

Web Design

Using a scientific web design approach, we’ll build a site that converts users into customers.


Own your industry by dominating Google rankings with best SEO practices and techniques.


Start getting results immediately and accelerate your sales with our PPC campaigns.

Social Media Management

Engage with your audience with posts guaranteed to increase engagement.

Conversion Optimization

Use data to optimize landing pages and ads to make sure you’re converting customers.


Make sure your copy is clear and concise because words sell products and services.

Content Creation

Create highly valuable content for your audience to win new customers.

Branding Design

Design a brand image that you’re proud to show to the world and is unique to your business.


Our marketing technology provides insights into customer behavior, tracking, and powerful analytics.
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